Monday, June 24, 2013

Mc Donalds in the Middle East

When a war happens between two countries, do they still conduct business with each other or is business obsolete until war is over? I haven’t found an answer but I wonder…I mean technically business is what makes a country run (Besides a government) business in a country helps the income of a city and country. If you take away all of that, a country has nothing to offer but land.  Anyways, slightly getting off topic, How does something like a Mc Donald’s or something similar to it’s called, “MaDonal” open in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq… here’s the kicker, they’re asking for permission to open up a Mc Donald’s in Iraq? Mickey D’s is saying no…I wonder how that would work out? The ultimate American symbol right in the middle of the Middle East….if they did that, it would be a total contradiction but maybe, just maybe a possible end--- no that won’t happen…but what would happen if there was a Mc Donald’s in the Middle East? How would that change our relationship? I mean war mean’s money but not all the time; it could also mean a lost in money…what’s your opinion?

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