Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication [Official Music Video]

How does my hair look?

My shoes
can have holes,
my clothes can
be tattered, I
could have six
months of bad
luck like I walked
under a ladder,
How does my
hair look?

I'm a guy,
were not
suppose to
care, but at
the slightest
sign of
we start
making deals
with the
universe, buying
all kinds of creams
and vitamins to
revitalize our
hair, so don't
tell me that's
some feminine
shit, because at
the end of the
day, we're asking,
How does my hair look?

I've been
heart broken,
done wrong at
work, cut off
in traffic, I could
be an addict jacked
out of my head, I
could be on my
death bead and I'll
still ask, "How does
my hair look?"

Two fold

I get
in these
I get stuck
in blah, not
sad, not happy
but frustratingly
content, not
sure if its
because of the
city I'm in
or if I'm expecting
people to be a huge
it sounds sad but
in reality I'm taking
society for what it
is, acceptance, agreeing
but a catch 22 when
people say it with
such evil grins like
in there mind "karma wins"
we're all connected so
what you wish for
me, will come back
to you with a twist,
in my opinion
its a gift when I don't
see what you deserve
to get,  because I
become content,
but as I said above
I've been content...

Untitled XXI

A old
told me,
get old"
I didn't
what to
with, I
never do
when older
people tell
me to
never age,
I just respond,
"I'll try not"


Some days
I don't give a
fuck, some
days I just
want to be
some days I
Don't wanna
try, some days
I have to but
on those days
you're going to
get some bullshit.

I use to think,
I'm not getting
enough sleep,
maybe I should
change the way
I eat, change
my routine, maybe
life is stale,
maybe I need exciting
breathe taking
moments, something to
entice my adrenaline...all
of these things happen
but those SOME days
come back...

Some days
I don't want to
spend my energy,
some days I like
existing, some days
I like sitting and not
saying a word, I like
the bore, because
usually my mind is
in a storm
I can be
cold not on
purpose, I just
Don't feel like having
to deal with
the process of doing
shit, I don't feel
like dealing
with people's
emotions and
egos, its
draining and
some days I'm
just happy with
silence and watching,
I don't wanna do it...
you do it, I'll watch
while my brain
wanders into
this white noise
sections of my
mind...some days
I don't wanna do it...

Your touch

I don't
mean your
finger tips,
your lucious
lips that fire
my gluttonous
urge to say
absurd words,
I mean your
touch, the way
you drive emotions,
how you give me
butterflies, your
devotion, I've
said this before,
I know it seems
redundant, but
I have an
of redunance
because my
life has been
redundant, well
not my whole
life, just
this chapter,
love has
left a nasty
odor, very
the idea
of love
runs free
but the meaning
of it is locked
in a dungeon,
so today we're
left with a
shell, we
kiss Tiffany's
but sleep with
Michelle, I mean
we mean well,
but we
just...we uh,
we dont...

I lost
my point,
I do often,
but your
got me
of a phone

Untitled XX

Party until the
night is day, party
even if your hair
is grey, party until
the day is night, party
until it looks like a
 problem, party....

a man said
to a woman
"Bitch, I'm the
king!" She smiled,
he looked like a little
boy with his wide
grin and imaginary